Retail Interior / Exterior Development

Retail space design requires the knowledge of architecture, interior, graphic, and industrial design, and PoS design services should be provided only by professionals that possess all these skills.

Technical Specifications of Building and Technological Elements of Retail Space

Technical detailing of a retail space and brand elements means the presentation of a brand’s visual concept in the form of charts, schemes, and developed views.

Development of Layout Concepts (Zoning, Customer Flow Scheme)

Architectural and Planning Concepts for Retail Spaces

An architectural and planning concept is a broad term that covers many elements and provides answers to three questions: what, for whom, and how. The answers are usually expressed not only in words, but also in images, drawings, calculations, and numbers.

Branding of Retail Equipment / Staff Uniform / POSM

What is retail branding? When a brand is created, the first step is to develop a memorable identity that meets the positioning and reflects the nature and values of the company.

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