Consulting Branding

Logo and Packaging Analysis

How does one analyze a product logo or package? According to consumer market studies, most purchases are made spontaneously, and an attractive package plays a key role in this process.

Naming Audit

Sometimes a brand name stops fulfilling its functions, slows down brand development, or challenges brand personalization. Then, a company has to make a painful decision to change it.

Consulting on Name Registration and Protectability

Trademark registration is one of the steps toward the creation of a brand and increasing the loyalty of your target audience. After registration, you can use a TM freely: for example, sell it, place its name, logo, and corporate style on signs, or protect your company from counterfeits.

Brand Architecture Analysis, Recommendations on Brand Portfolio Optimization

The term ‘brand architecture’ refers to a system of relations between trademarks in a company’s portfolio. Trademarks complement each other and support the company’s positioning.

Private Brand Consulting (Description)

Brand consulting is a set of recommendations that help a company secure the health of its trademark at all stages of its existence. During brand consulting, branding specialists use their experience and a number of research methods.

Brand Portfolio Optimization

Every product in a company’s portfolio plays a certain role: some products attract customers, some generate marginal revenue, and some support a company’s image. With time, some products stop being profitable and have to be reconsidered. Identifying such products is the main goal of brand portfolio optimization.

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