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Logo book

What Is a Logo Book?

A logo supports brand positioning and identification and communicates the main idea, nature, and values of the brand to the audience. However, no logo exists on its own: it is used on different backgrounds, in textures, and in various sizes. If a logo is displayed incorrectly, it could be difficult for it to fulfill its main functions.


A guideline is a set of rules that regulate the use of the logo, corporate style, brand characters, and other brand identifiers. A guideline also contains standards and recommendations regarding colors, fonts, and placement on corporate and advertising materials.

Brand book

A brand book is a guide to the company's corporate style, which contains a detailed description of brand attributes and regulates their use for different types of users, including corporate use and advertising.

Retail book

What Is a Retail Book?

A retail chain often contains PoS of different formats, e.g. with different sizes, functions, or product ranges. Such a variety can make it difficult for a company to keep its style uniform across the chain. However, consumer studies show that a single brand space is a key to success.

Communication Platform

A communication platform is a document that outlines the main principles of communication between a brand and its audience. A communication platform usually contains the following elements:

Designer Supervision

What Is Designer Supervision?

A designer supervision specialist controls the compliance of a construction project with a previously developed creative concept. The goal of designer supervision is to implement a project according to its design concept and to gain all possible benefits from branding.

Creative Work

Finding an idea that will not only be original and interesting and also will sell by performing marketing tasks is very valuable.

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