Silence Science

Eco-friendly pillow with the philosophy of sleep.

Siesta is a manufacturer of orthopedic mattresses, toppers and pillows from Belarus. The company promotes sleep hygiene — consulting on optimal sleeping arrangements and recovery regimes. All products undergo thorough medical investigations.



Fabula Branding conducted market, competitor and consumer studies and researched trends. In the process, the project team took courses on healthy sleep, actively tested the tips on themselves and evaluated the results. Engagement and thorough immersion in the process helped create a premium product brand — effective and sophisticated.

Sleep plays a particularly important role in maintaining and improving physical and mental health. Sleep renews the human body - the neurons in the brain are regenerated and enriched with oxygen, the endocrine system is rebalanced, the immune system is activated and the body is cleared of toxic substances. Sleep deprivation leads to cognitive impairment, overeating, loss of motivation, and a deterioration in appearance and mood.

The quality of sleep affects one’s life satisfaction even more than its duration. A good night’s sleep requires tranquility and comfort, which can be achieved with a properly fitted pillow. For the time being, sleep and bedding culture is not well developed in Belarus and Russia. Buyer motivation is often driven by specific factors, such as discomfort or health problems. Consumers are also influenced by trends - seeking to choose awareness and care for the environment.

Positioning and communication strategy

Drawing on the research results, Fabula Branding developed the “Ecology of Sleep” positioning, creating a brand with a strong social platform, adhering to eco-friendly, conscious approaches to production and relations with the consumer. Brand mission statement was to create and promote a culture of sleep. The client has been moving toward it for years, and the new product is the quintessence of their experience.

The agency’s team also developed a communication platform and strategy. The new brand communicates with consumers in a modern, vibrant, expressive language with a natural, understated, calming tone. It acts as an expert on healthy sleep and promotes its values, but inspires rather than instructs. Inspiring to be conscious, to listen to oneself, to discover and create harmony with oneself and the world.

Brand name and visual identity

“When asked to talk about our brand in two words, we answer that we can do it without words at all. Close your eyes, gather the scattered thoughts into a single beam and direct it inwards”, these are the words with which the Fabula Branding team began to present the philosophy of the new brand. A profound understanding of silence as 'sound without sound', as the total absence of noise outside and within us, inspired the name and identity.

The name Silence Science literally means 'the science of silence'. Science - because the client has spent years bringing the product to perfection. Silence is the symbol of working on one’s own awareness in everyday life and recreation.

The text and graphic logo alludes to naturalness and harmony. The wavy lines, based on the shape of the two capital letters of the name, convey the adaptability of the pillow, its ability to adjust to the natural curves of the body. The signature style is represented by understated green and delicate beige colors, as well as natural textures and landscapes.

Particular attention had to be paid to the package, as it has to be a guide to the brand philosophy. That's why Fabula Branding has thoroughly considered all aspects of the customer experience: from the visual to the tactile. The key element of the box design is the graphic logo sign, which acts as a ‘cut-out window’ into the world of flora. It is supported by atmospheric phrases and the texture of natural moss. The Ecology of Sleep label indicates that the pillow has been tested and guarantees that the product is made of eco-friendly materials, has high orthopaedic properties and improves the quality of sleep in the long-term. The package contains not only the product itself, but also an organic cotton pillowcase, an inspirational poster and a sleep diary.

The Silence Science Sleep Diary is a book made of pleasant to touch materials immersing in the brand atmosphere. It features detailed descriptions of the pillow’s unique properties, advice on improving sleep, a personal message from the brand creator Peter Urban, atmospheric photos and quotes about silence.

Fabula Branding also designed the Silence Science website and branded the advertising media.

Julia Kozlovskaya, designer:

«A few years ago, I got inspired by Belarus marshes. They have beautiful scenery, and moss is an important part of that special beauty. It is so soft and pleasant to the touch, gives me goosebumps. I had carried this affection inside for a couple of years, and it was with me when I visited our marshes, so the project eventually developed. The brand creator described the unique properties of the pillow, how it provides support for the head and adapts to the shape of the body - as if it was about moss, its unique properties.

And those two letters in the brand name — they are like the curve of the spine at the cervical region and the curve of a pillow. It all comes together: product positioning and images of nature combined with images of the body».

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