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The Flavour of Southern France in Package Design for an Exclusive Line of Macarons: A Co-Branding Project by Bongenie and Lillet.
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The partnership of Bongenie and Lillet led to the creation of a unique party edition line of macarons combining the taste of Parisian deserts with the flavor of the famous French drink. A perfect choice for a memorable evening!

Fabula Branding was asked to develop package design that would show the features of the product while preserving the recognizability of both brands.

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The visual image of Lillet drinks is expressed in the subtle beige background and scarlet-red stripes on the front side of the package. A large text block with unusual hyphenation shows that the product belongs to the Bongenie brand. Photos of ingredients and a brief description of a hand-made macaron are on the side of the package In line with the general style requirements of Bongenie.

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