BonGenie. Winter Edition

Replacing the signature black color with Christmas red. Caramel canes and decorative spruce sprigs.
BonGenie. Праздничная серия-image-26783
Bright macaron pastries by BonGenie have already become a signature product in Belarus and gained popularity abroad. The unified range design is based on large lettering, attractive photo style, and the division of the typographic block into several levels. In honour of winter holidays the company launched an exclusive gift collection of 16 special winter tastes and asked Fabula Branding to develop package design for it.
BonGenie. Праздничная серия-image-26791
BonGenie. Праздничная серия-image-26792
BonGenie. Праздничная серия-image-26793
BonGenie. Праздничная серия-image-26794
BonGenie. Праздничная серия-image-26795

To set the mood, we replaced the corporate black style with festive red and made changes to the recognizable photo style, adding candy canes and decorative fir tree branches to the pastry on the box. While preserving the style of the brand, the new design gives positive feelings and creates a holiday atmosphere.

BonGenie. Праздничная серия-image-26788
BonGenie. Праздничная серия-image-26789
BonGenie. Праздничная серия-image-26790
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