Consumer Research

Consumer research includes the collection and analysis of information about the target audience. This data is used to develop a marketing strategy, increase customer loyalty, and reduce business risks.

Consumer research helps a company solve the following tasks:

- Consumer market segmentation;

- Product concept testing;

- Identifying brand advantages and disadvantages;

- Obtaining insights;

- Measuring customer loyalty and motivation;

- Identifying growth areas.

Consumer Research Methods

Consumer research can be divided into two categories by the type of data:

- Desktop research: analysis of secondary data sources such as reports, statistics, and publications.

- Field research: raw data collection.

Field consumer research can be quantitative, qualitative, or combined. While qualitative studies help analysts understand the needs, preferences, and motives of consumers, quantitative research allows one to express the market situation in numbers.

To conduct field research, analysts can use different methods, such as:

- Focus group: a discussion with several respondents following a given scenario.

- In-depth interview: a personal conversation with a respondent.

- Neuromarketing: identifying involuntary reactions to marketing stimuli.

- Surveys, including online, phone, and offline ones. The choice of a survey type depends on its goals.

- Hall test: testing a product’s properties in customer interactions with product samples;

- Home test: collecting information about a product at home.

- Mystery shopper: studying the quality of services provided by the staff.

Using different consumer research methods, observations, and experiments, an analyst can collect consumer data and reviews and study the behavior and peculiarities of a target audience. A brand strategy developed on the basis of consumer research data is usually the most efficient.

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