Consulting on Name Registration and Protectability

Trademark registration is one of the steps toward the creation of a brand and increasing the loyalty of your target audience. After registration, you can use a TM freely: for example, sell it, place its name, logo, and corporate style on signs, or protect your company from counterfeits.

Russian and Belarusian brand registration regulations provide for TM registration by a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur.

Can you register a brand on your own?

A brand can be registered by a patent attorney or by a brand owner. To do so, you have to create a trademark and file an application. There are several types of trademarks:

- Word trademarks;

- Letter trademarks;

- Figure trademarks;

- Design trademarks;

- Three-dimensional trademarks;

- Combined trademarks.

What difficulties could you encounter in this process? Brand and logo registration requires both financial investments and intangible resources. Errors can have an impact on your reputation or cause financial loss.

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