A dynamic Belarusian name and a laconic and adaptive graphic sign — a stylized checkmark. Unique font style and vibrant color.

The company Fabula Branding was responsible for rebranding for "Guaranty" insurance company. The process included market positioning, naming and identity development.
After many years of successful work in the B2B segment, "Guaranty" plans to enter the B2C segment to simultaneously strengthen and improve its position in existing sales channels. The company needed a new brand to unite all directions of development.

To grow the sales channels in the B2C sphere, the eyes of the potential consumer were given extra attention since many market players do not offer much differentiation. The reasons are due to similarities of product offerings and, more importantly, a use of single acronym approach to naming. It was vital to make a brand that immediately distinguishes the company from all competitors and actively announces its advantages.


Imkliva is an expressive Belarusian word that has its own character: it's speed and quality, conformity with the current market and the ability to meet the challenges of time. Simultaneously, the new name retains both elegance and melody.

The mood of the name supports the slogan: "Imkliva. Live Happy" (in Belarussian), a rhythmic and short message with a positive emotional message. The created image conveys the right message: the company always will have everything under control and, at the same time, the customers will be able to enjoy life.

The new corporate identity continues to shape the image of the brand - strong, modern, understandable. Tools for the creation of a new image became: 

1) laconic and adaptive graphic sign - a stylized checkmark acting a symbol of confidence, 

2) a unique font design to illustrate the movement dynamics, embedded in the name and 

3) bright color that immediately catches your attention and announces itself.

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