VR, electricity and the meta-universe concept: Fabula Branding's massive rebranding of Teslasuit


Teslasuit is a company that produces a smart suit and gloves capable of providing a realistic experience of interaction with the VR environment. It is unique in the market in combining three technologies - advanced haptic, motion capture and biometry. No other competitor can boast of such equipment.

The suit is used in a variety of applications. These include vocational training, games, debugging mechanisms, and improving people's health and sports performance. In the long term, the product could have a major impact on improving human performance and quality of life.

Such groundbreaking technology has been a source of emotion for consumers since its introduction, ranging from excitement to horror. However, for some audiences, it has remained an incomprehensible innovation.

The solution is to create a holistic brand image that helps Teslasuit make its name known, communicating its uniqueness and the incredible possibilities the product offers to humanity in a comprehensible way.


Research and positioning

Fabula Branding has rebranded the company globally - from the product portfolio and positioning to team relationships. This was helped by extensive market research, an audit of the company's external image, and the opinions of customers, consumers and employees. The work was carried out in close cooperation with Teslasuit's top management team, Sergei Nosov, Sergei Khurs, and art director Igor Buturlya. As a result, the agency recommended a focus on three main areas of application - Training, Medical, Gaming. The research also helped to revise the product portfolio: it is now based on a set of 3 products - Hardware suit, Hardware gloves, Software. This decision helped to explain the essence and usefulness of Teslasuit to a rather wide target audience - the brand acts in B2B and B2C segments.

The research helped to develop positioning - A New Dimension of you. The concept of a meta-universe is close to the brand, as the product offers a fundamentally new level of fusion of the virtual and physical worlds.

Together with the client's team, a mission was formulated - to improve the capabilities of the body and mind through innovative technology. The product is not only interesting in itself, but also extremely useful for society and development.


The old logo did not reflect the globality of the project and the innovativeness of the technology, it got lost when scaled and when applied to products and media. It was difficult to read the meaning behind it - the synchronised movement of energy waves.

The Teslasuit is a smart suit that allows the user to experience everything that happens in virtual reality through electrical impulses. Electrons, their interaction, luminescence and transformation were the basis of the logo idea. The graphic element - the fusion of three forms flowing smoothly into each other and forming a harmonious figure - clearly identifies the brand. It also reflects the connection and intersection of the product's three main areas of application.

The font has become more solid and confident. Gone are the uppercase letters, helping to reflect the open-minded nature of the company's team. The concise logo perfectly complemented the corporate identity, which is based on the use of gradients and allusion to the holographic effect.

Dmitry Kashkan, managing partner and art director at Fabula Branding:

"We have known the client for a long time, we have communicated for several years, and we were well aware of the scale of the project. This is a revolutionary development with enormous potential and crazy prospects. It is a product that will change the world, touching a large number of areas of human activity. The brand had to match the scale, broadcasting the ideas, values and benefits of the project at the highest level.

When we started work, we saw that there was a need for deep meaning and logic within the top management team. We needed to understand and arrange all the components of the company's strategy down to the last detail in order to propose exactly the development option that would lead to success.

We solved all the current brand identity issues, made it visible, trendy and adaptable for products, advertising media. And most importantly, Teslasuit is now not just a costume brand, but the brand of an innovative company, the creator of a unique complex for full immersion in virtual reality.

It is very pleasing that the ideas we were able to implement together with Teslasuit are now being broadcast on major IT platforms. And it is even more pleasing that the client is actively using our developments - they have embraced them, felt them, they inspire and structure them. And when the team has such clarity and consistency, it is felt by potential partners, consumers, and investors.

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