Sir cheese in a noble package: a design solution for Templier, quality cheeses brand.
The client was putting on the shelves a Belarusian brand of cheese of the "medium plus" segment. The product needed a sonorous name, slogan and package design that would tell about its advantages - original manufacturing technology, decent quality and taste.

Fabula Branding has developed a stylish, concise image of a modern TM cheese, created according to a special recipe.

The sonorous name refers to the origins of the European tradition of cheese-making. Templars is a knightly order of the Middle Ages, associated with secret knowledge, valor and moral values.

The logo consists of a font block and heraldic illustration - a symbol of reliability and longevity. The slogan "Nobility. Endurance. Honor".

Visually clean solution can be easily adapted to different types and sizes of packaging, as well as gives the opportunity to introduce other types of cheese to the market - tweaking will be done with the help of color.

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