Development of Layout Concepts (Zoning, Customer Flow Scheme)

Architectural and Planning Concepts for Retail Spaces

An architectural and planning concept is a broad term that covers many elements and provides answers to three questions: what, for whom, and how. The answers are usually expressed not only in words, but also in images, drawings, calculations, and numbers.

At this stage, the framework of a PoS is already in place: trading floors are organized, equipment is installed, and customer flows are planned.

Developing a Planning Concept for a Point of Sale

It is important to always check a planning concept against the budget. For example, it would be unwise to install expensive refrigeration facilities in a small fast-food restaurant or, on the contrary, suggest low-capacity in-built cooling equipment for a large chain store.

When the creative concept of a PoS is ready, it is time to start working on architectural images. An architect should take into account brand book and planning requirements and never forget about budget restrictions. Every adjustment should be analyzed in terms of branding, marketing, as well as engineering and material limitations.

At the end of design and planning concept development, a set of sketches and 3D visuals is delivered to the customer, and all brand constants are integrated into the framework of the space.

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