Branding of Retail Equipment / Staff Uniform / POSM

What is retail branding? When a brand is created, the first step is to develop a memorable identity that meets the positioning and reflects the nature and values of the company.

When this step is completed, corporate style needs to be implemented across the retail space. Also, advertising, corporate, and image materials need to be branded. This process covers the following categories of media:

  • navigation;
  • uniform and equipment;
  • souvenir products;
  • PoS materials;
  • vehicles.

Visual brand attributes help identify the trademark and make choosing and purchasing products a more convenient and pleasant process. POSM materials and other media help localize a PoS, educate and motivate consumers, communicate information, attract attention, and help customers find their way around the store. Retail space branding also works as a team-building factor for the staff.

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