Retail Interior / Exterior Development

Retail space design requires the knowledge of architecture, interior, graphic, and industrial design, and PoS design services should be provided only by professionals that possess all these skills.

Stages of Retail Space Design

Before a design concept is developed, several important criteria have to be analyzed:

  • Consumers. First of all, the target audience of a store has to be identified. For example, if a store sells mid-range goods, premium interior design and luxurious window decorations can push the customers away.
  • Goods. The concept of the store should go well with the goods that are sold in it. Both zoning and interior displays are planned based on the product range.
  • Planning solution. The main goal of a point of sale is to store and sell products. Therefore, it should provide a positive consumer experience. Appropriate design of trading areas and easy navigation on the trading floor can make up for any room defects.

Fabula Branding offers comprehensive retail branding solutions. Thanks to our in-house specialists and reliable partners and contractors, we are able to support each project from start to finish.

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Let's talk about the strengths and weaknesses of your brand
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