Sub-Names as a Brand Communication Channel

What Is a Sub-Name?

A sub-name is an extension of a product name: the name of a series, category, or product type. A sub-name matches a brand name and helps effectively identify products within it.

Creating a Sub-Name

Sub-naming is a creative process that consists of several stages: idea generation, choosing the best options, and checking for duplicates or similarities. Shortlisted sub-name ideas should:

- strategically differentiate a product from its competitors while emphasizing its advantages;

- meet corporate values and support the company’s market positioning;

- be memorable and attract the target audience;

- cause no negative associations;

- motivate consumers to purchase the product.

Using Sub-Names as a Brand Communication Channel

Like other brand elements, sub-names play an important role in the communication between a company and its customers. An idea communicated through a sub-name can be supported by verbal identity, package design, and advertising materials.

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