Copywriting (Name Legend, Brand Legend, etc.)

Professional Copywriting

The term ‘copywriting’ stands for the creation of advertising and marketing texts that support the growth of sales and promote a product, idea, service, or personality.

For a text to work as intended, it should meet several criteria:

  • The author should be honest with the readers;
  • The information should be provided in a clear and concise manner;
  • The text should have an appropriate tone of voice and reflect brand positioning and values.

Advanced-level copywriting has a number of important rules that have to be followed.

Detailed Brief

A brief is an agreement between a customer and a contractor that covers all project requirements, product positioning, and target audience. One could say that a brief is a more detailed technical specification. A well-written brief helps avoid additional discussions, adjustments, and misunderstandings.

Reliable Sources

A professional copywriter usually receives information from the customer. They can discuss the details of the task or characteristics of the company in order to fulfill the copywriting task in the most effective manner. If a copywriter uses other sources of information, their reliability should be confirmed.

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