Developing a bright, memorable, "catchy" slogan is a difficult and interesting task, because it not only expresses the basic message of the product to the consumer, but also it is an excellent tool for advertising and promotion. A good slogan is lasting and easily memorable, triggering the necessary positive associations about the product.

The almost forgotten language of the Celts, who inhabited medieval Scotland, has an expression sluagh-ghairm that translates as the "battle cry". And word is not in vain: sometimes with the help of the slogan you can win the main battle of the consumer recognition.


The slogans created by Fabula Branding advance and develop the storyline of the brand, make it understandable to the target audience with the help of elegantly chosen words and become just as important for a brand identifier as the logo.

  • Immersion in the project, study of the market and competitors, brainstorming (at least 3 professional copywriters work at the same time);
  • Working out more than 300 versions of the verbal formulation and expression of the main idea, reflected in a tenacious and memorable phrase;
  • The analysis of creative discoveries and confirmation/further testing of their uniqueness;
  • A presentation to a customer of 7 to 12 best slogan options with the justification of expected marketing benefits.

Brands and advertising campaigns slogans developed by Fabula Branding support a positive image of the product and are aimed to rapidly form loyalty from the consumer.