A brand book is a guide to the company's corporate style, which contains a detailed description of brand attributes and regulates their use for different types of users, including corporate use and advertising.

At the core of the brand book is a description of the following elements: permanent attributes of the brand (logo, colors, fonts, security zone, etc.), internal business documentation (folders, forms, business cards), souvenir products, branding of uniforms and vehicles.


After a decision is made by the client on the prospective list of future corporate style carriers (anything from business card and ashtray to the exhibition stands and vehicles), the process of adapting elements of corporate identity takes form.

The choice of brand carriers depends both on the profile of the company and on the volume of tasks set by a marketing department.

The development of the brand book makes it possible to create clear rules for brand positioning in the external environment (from the design of the package to the design of the office or sales space, including the dealer network). The brand book helps sales representatives bring uniformity to the visual appearance of the brand and facilitates the process of brand identification to consumers.

To create a brand book is to protect yourself from the situation when the logo on the new business card "does not work", because it was lost between other blocks of information, or when corporate brochures for some reason resemble the advertising products of competitors, because the corporate unity was not sustained, where the font chosen by the designer in the printing house looks cheap and nonsensical.

To prevent this from happening, a brand book is developed on how to regulate the elements of the corporate style and it must be strictly followed.