Designer Supervision

What Is Designer Supervision?

A designer supervision specialist controls the compliance of a construction project with a previously developed creative concept. The goal of designer supervision is to implement a project according to its design concept and to gain all possible benefits from branding.

- Designer supervision has the following main functions:

- Preserving an integral brand image;

- Increasing loyalty and involving staff in trademark communications.

The author of a design solution monitors the construction process at all stages, namely:

- Consults the foreman on design issues;

- Makes adjustments to drawings;

- Helps choose finish materials, equipment, and furniture.

Designer supervision helps avoid unexpected construction issues and saves the customer’s time on discussing the task with the contractors. A well-preserved visual image of a PoS would communicate a brand’s positioning which would make it more memorable for the consumers.

We at Fabula Branding consider designer supervision an integral part of the retail branding process and include it into our retail design services package.

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