Retail book

What Is a Retail Book?

A retail chain often contains PoS of different formats, e.g. with different sizes, functions, or product ranges. Such a variety can make it difficult for a company to keep its style uniform across the chain. However, consumer studies show that a single brand space is a key to success.

A retail book is a set of rules that regulate the use of trademark constants, including identity, architecture, and technical solutions, in all chain PoS. It helps company owners and contractors keep trademark identifiers intact despite any external circumstances.

How to Develop a Retail Book

When creating a brand book, one should take into account brand concept and positioning, the size of the chain, and the customer’s budget. It is recommended to conduct consumer market research to understand what features are important for the customers.

Before a retail book is created, all visual elements of the brand, from architecture to POSM placement, should be systematized. Also, all possible types of spaces and planning solutions should be taken into consideration.

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