The logo is one of the most important means of brand identification. With its help, the trademark acquires a visible and material image, which is "read" by the consumer faster than words. Therefore, any omission in the design of the logo, however insignificant it may seem, may lead to the incorrect or undesirable perception of the brand.

Professional development of the logo or rebranding the logo by Fabula Branding is not separated from the entire complexity of the project. We create logos, where every one of them not only harmoniously fits into the "storyline" of the brand, but fully and vividly presents it and places the necessary emphasis


Creating a logo includes the following steps:

  • Development of a common concept and several sub-concepts of the company's brand name or brand;
  • Study of outlines, stylistics, various approaches to the visualization of ideas;
  • Team of designers, illustrators and font experts create a detailed drawing of the unique visual image of the future trademark, each sub-concept is carefully considered to meet all competent criteria of a visual brand identifiers.

When developing a logo, the type of media and/or market used is considered, its adaptability, whether it holds the inversion test and whether the logo reflects the main message that it was intended to communicate. Depending on the task set in the brief, the goal of a logo can be font based or include multiple illustrative elements, laconic or ornate, monochrome and colorful, reflect a few ideas or one key main idea. A brand identifier and a bearer of its individuality, the logo becomes the starting point in the development of the corporate identity, i.e. the attributes that will be placed on business cards, letterheads, folders, stationery, corporate cars and used as a design of shopping spaces for retailers.

Creating a logo is an extremely important task because an error in this process can be costly in the future. The logo, which is not easily remembered and does not evoke brand associations, is not able to perform its main function and is a simply nice graphic image, instead of a styling element of powerful corporate identity.