Corporate Identity

A corporate identity or style is a design system that includes all visual components of a brand and secures its identification.

Why Do You Need Corporate Style?

An identity supports the conceptual integrity of a brand and is a part of corporate communications, showing the nature of the company to its customers. It reflects whether a company is conservative or innovative, how its staff interacts with each other and the customers, and whether the work in the company is organized effectively.

First-time entrepreneurs often try to develop a corporate style on their own or delegate this task to their friends. However, this approach usually ends in a waste of time and resources. To avoid it, we suggest consulting with branding specialists.

Identity is created to last for years and affects the development of a company’s brand. Proper promotion of your corporate style can make your company recognizable from the very beginning.

Stages of Corporate Style Development

The development of corporate style and logo has four stages:

Let's talk about the strengths and weaknesses of your brand
Let's talk about the strengths and weaknesses of your brand
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