Attract attention. Generate interest. Maintain enthusiasm. Stimulate purchase. Leave a pleasant impression. All these actions are indispensable and invariant "storyline" of correctly executed packaging. It is proven that the product on the shelf has only three seconds to capture the interest of the consumer. We develop a package design and a label that does this in two seconds or less.

Packages, designed by Fabula Branding, are at the top of Belarusian and Russian professional ratings, recognized by the world design community and more importantly promote sales.


The process of creating a package can be divided into the following stages:

  • Analysis of the market and study of the product, its target audience, key communication that needs to be embedded in the title and slogan;
  • The definition of all possible points of psychological influence over the consumer and the choice of the most relevant characteristics;
  • Generation of creative ideas that become the basis for future design concepts;
  • Development of several of them in the chosen style and manner of execution (illustration, photo style, etc.);
  • Presentation of the results to the client and bringing to perfection the chosen version of the original packaging.

We are also one of the few designers in Minsk and Moscow to carry out the adaptation of design models for a specific type of printing and maintain the supervision during the preparation of layouts by the printing house (and directly during the print production), advise on technical nuances and help to solve complex issues with third-party contractors.